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We believe a better internet starts with great user experience, fairly valued products, and engaging, entertaining and enlightening content.

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Our approach

We all know that understanding your audience is crucial to unlocking online potential but how you get there and what to do when you get there is the real challenge.

Our team offers experience, passion and integrity that can help businesses stimulate creativity, drive revenue and thrive in the digital world.



Few publishers can thrive in the modern digital age with a single channel revenue plan.

We believe the creation of a multi-faceted monetisation mix is necessary in order to maximise digital revenue.

We use subscription and paid content approaches such as Datawalls and Paywalls but not at the cost of digital advertising channels. Utilising techniques such as metering can allow digital content creators to deliver subtle and effective methods of encouraging content consumption whilst gradually pushing users down pre-defined acquisition channels.

Our in-depth real-time analytics and user profiling capabilities enhance content relevance and recommendations to users but can also help trial, test and optimise digital revenues without the fear of losing, or alienating the audience. Adopting these revenue optimisation approaches can help the learning process for conversions in entirely new online markets and channels.

Odin’s  approach covers all areas of digital revenue streams and product management, from acquisition to retention and customisations of entire monetisation platforms.

We believe that only by understanding its audience, can a publisher server its users effectively.



We use a range of Content Management and delivery platforms and the latest Identity and Access Management technologies to help online businesses build engagement with their audience. Rather than simply restricting access, we see interactions as decision points. Decisions that can lead to a variety of strategies to monetise the user.

Crucially, these decision points are focused around the preferences and profile of the user to make the right decision at the right time. By leveraging social channels and marketing automation, we extend our decision points to drive referrals and create new acquisition flows.

We help digital businesses harness the latest technological advances, such as Content API’s, browser finger printing, or digital currencies, like Bitcoin and gamification models that incentivise pro-active community engagement from users. We also extend these technologies through integrations with App Stores and other E-Commerce platforms to provide our clients with a unified solution.

Cutting edge tech and a wealth of experience in the field give us the ability to create market-leading eco-systems for our clients and partners.

What our Clients say

  • “Odin’s development work was completed ahead of schedule and was uniformly of a high standard.”
    “I Look forward to working with them in the future and have no hesitation in recommending Odin Solutions to other companies .”

    Lex Holt, Natural History Museum
  • “Odin are a team of elite professionals who are always an absolute pleasure to work with. “.

    Nazma Ali, Which?

What we offer

We know your business is unique and no two approaches to digital monetisation can be exactly the same - we provide a proven framework for innovation, to inspire your creativity to help create your own monetisation mix.

We apply successful techniques to tune, tweak or create digital strategies that can evolve with your business.

You can generate better ideas, faster and implement them with the speed required in the digital age.


Users are the lifeblood of your online business. Understanding what makes them ‘tick’ is vital to strengthening your relationship with them. How they discover, experience and consume your content is crucial to your digital growth strategy.

Prioritising audience understanding is clearly important. However, utilising the correct technical components can be a daunting task. We bring together years of experience of architecting and implementing cutting edge Identity Technology to support our clients through this process.

Executing Digital Identity Strategy is one of the cornerstones of our business.


What we offer
    • Identity Strategy
    • Identity Management
    • Single Sign-On
    • Social Sign-On
    • User Profiling



Content is at the core of your business – adopting the correct technology to support this is crucial to success in the digital world.

All digital publishers or media businesses face the task of creating, aggregating and then delivering their content. The more complex challenge is to create a platform for discovery and create a frictionless consumption method for users. Understanding the user is key to creating a meaningful interactive experience.

We have extensive experience in guiding our customers towards making the most of their content and maximising editorial efficiency. We help our clients deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.


What we offer
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Cross-Platform Publishing
  • Migration
  • Search Technology
  • Syndication


Creating the right Monetisation Mix for your business requires a creative approach to digital revenue streams. We combine this business strategy with tools & technology that support our approach to online business.

We help digital businesses realise true value from their content and build user-centric engagement strategies to help monetise the entire audience.

Our expertise with specialist monetisation technologies help our clients trial and test new ideas, without fear of failure.

Whether your approach to content revenue is free, paid, or a blend of both, we deliver REAL results, optimising online revenues.


What we offer
  • Paywall / Datawall
  • Digital Advertising
  • Revenue Optimisation Analytics
  • Payment Platforms
  • App Store Integrations
  • Content API’s
  • E-commerce

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